Our Services

First, we get to know each other…

  • INITIAL IN-DEPTH CONVERSATION about why you are contemplating the need for construction. We listen to what you and your business need for the project to accomplish. Then we ask critical questions about how you think the project will satisfy your needs. We then clarify in writing what our understanding is of what we heard.
  • ESTABLISHING STRATEGIES WITH YOU by asking probing questions with the goal of fleshing out a list of priorities and identifying resources that will help accomplish the project. We recommend that the conclusions reached above should be tested with key employees, as you deem appropriate.

Second, we explain how we can help you…

  • A WRITTEN PROPOSAL will be developed explaining how we would work for you, for discussion and your approval. The proposal will include an outline of a “project roadmap” that we think will accomplish your goals.

Third, we detail the primary compoents of the project…

  • A DETAILED PROJECT ROADMAP is the first big step after the proposal is approved. The roadmap will not only detail how the project will be managed, it will also define our recommendation for the project workflow relative to your existing staff.
  • A WRITTEN ARCHITECTURAL PROGRAM will then be developed. This will define in detail what the result of the project must contain, and it will be the basis of soliciting proposals from architects and other professionals to provide you with their proposals.
  • SOLICITATION OF COMPETITIVE PROPOSALS on your behalf from the consultants you will need, depending on the scope of your project. We will guide you through the entire process; answer questions that the bidders will ask; help you decide which proposals to accept; and then help create the contracts between you and your consultants and contractors.
  • INTERFACE AS NEEDED with your lenders and/or grantors who may be providing financing for your project. Often that will mean providing them with project reports throughout the construction.
  • CONSTRUCTION REPRESENTATION during the actual construction is at the heart of our work. That means we will…
    • Interface with your consultants and contractors during their design work.
    • Attend project meetings with contractors and consultants on a regularly scheduled basis.
    • Interface with government agencies to obtain approvals.
    • Regularly visit the construction site and maintain progress photographs.
    • Maintain records of all proceedings during the process to assure that you are completely informed at every step in the process.
    • Manage the invoicing process, maintain records of payments, and make recommendations concerning pay requests and change orders from all consultants and contractors as work progresses.
    • Track the project budget of all costs invoiced and paid.
    • Make regular reports to all owner groups as outlined in our agreement.
  • CLOSEOUT ALL CONTRACTS to assure that the they are properly closed-out so you have a record of what is contained in the final product, including all warranties, guarantees, and satisfied permits.

We work just as hard for you, as you work for yourself!

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