Are you starting to plan a construction project?


My simple goal for you:

Spend less time managing a construction project and more time focused on your core activities and your dreams!

I’m Phil Ludeke…And I have a passion for details and construction! I spent 18 years practicing architecture, and then another 18 years developing real estate and consulting…

I’m offering you the benefit of over 36 years of experience in architecture and construction so you don’t have to worry about how your project will get built!

Every hour you spend on your construction project is an hour spent away from your core business or non-profit mission.

Building construction is complex…so are your core activities…

which one are you best at managing?

Here’s what we will do for you…

  • Help you define precisely what you need your construction project to accomplish!
  • Show you how to organize your resources to accommodate the project.
  • Collaborate with your staff to prepare them for the project.
  • Function as your representative to interface with architects, engineers, contractors, lenders, government agencies, etc.
  • Free you to focus on what you do best…your employees or your congregation.
  • Help you to fulfill your dreams.

It’s your job to help make your dreams come true…it’s our job to free your time so you can do just that!

Four ways we will help you make your dreams come true…

  • We will learn what is special and unique about your organization…then recommend how to organize your project to fit your needs.
  • We will create a road map for your project so you understand every step of the process before it begins.
  • We will then lead you and your staff through the agreed-upon process and organize your consultants and contractors.
  • We will be hands-on coordinators of all the work needed by all outside sources, including budget management and reporting.

I will work just as hard for you, as you work for yourself!

Let’s get to know each other so we can both decide if the synergy is what it should be for us to collaborate…

I will then work to earn your trust and confidence just as if I am on your staff!


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