Lessons From The Grand Canyon

Travelling can often inspire us to think differently! For example, here are 5 lessons from a hike into the Grand Canyon…

Great things take patience and persistence to accomplish! The Colorado River has carved its way through a mile of vertical rock. It has taken an estimated 17 million years! As a result, extremely interesting forms have been created. Standing on the rim gave me a feeling of enormous wonder about the time taken to form the canyon. For millions of years the river has plodded along wearing through the rock at glacial speed. That is patience!

Don’t be afraid to think big! I’ll never forget the feeling of driving through Grand Canyon National Park, 20 minutes from the main gate to the rim road. Suddenly before us was one of the most spectacular sights I have ever seen. Five people in the car literally chimed in unison: “WOW!” It is breathtaking to see the enormity of the Grand Canyon. Its name suddenly seemed a ridiculous understatement. Big things are possible on our fabulous planet. We only need to have the courage to think as big as our world.

Be bold when trying something new. It took 18 months to plan the trip to the Canyon. We wanted to hike down to the river, spend the night at Phantom Ranch, and hike back out. Reservations at Phantom Ranch needed 18 months’ lead time. Anyway, it was going to take 18 months to research everything about the canyon we wanted to know…and to get into physical shape. It seemed a daunting task. But, we made it happen and it was worth every minute of preparation.

Team work is very important! Our original reservation at Phantom Ranch was for 14 people. Our final crew was 5. It took all of us to make it happen. And it took all of us encouraging each other to accomplish the hiking. Was it worth all the work? You bet! But, it would not have happened without the team work.

Don’t forget your drinking water. Water was very important for this adventure. But, it’s also a symbolic reminder not to overlook the basics. Even when we think big and are bold enough to have big goals, we still must pay attention to the details.

What incredible lessons were learned by just going on a hike!

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