Get to Know Phil Ludeke

Phil is in love with the creative process that is architecture…

He never thought himself a top “designer.” He expressed his creativity in the translation of conceptual design into the details of buildings.

There is music in those details.

After 18 years in architecture, his love affair with the details needed expression in hands-on construction. He moved from the drawing board of architecture to a career as a real estate developer and consultant.

I see the construction process as the natural extension of the design process. The construction process should be no less creative than the very first concepts of a project expressed with sketches of a vision.

Phil’s youth was the very definition of middle-class America…

Born on the leading edge of the Baby Boomer generation he was taught to care about the well-being of others and to serve others whenever the need arose. He was raised in a Christian church, spent years in the Boy Scouts, and provided leadership in school.

All of his early experiences combined to provide Phil with the foundation needed to be an independent thinker. But, it was time to take a break!

I found my way to the Virgin Islands and a job as the first mate on a 100’ sailing schooner. Island hopping through the Caribbean for nine months was just right for clearing the mind and maturing.

Home from sailing, Phil fell completely in love with his lovely wife Becky…

He began his architectural career working for a single practitioner and learned the art of single-family housing design and retirement community design. He then moved on to larger projects with a firm in center-city Philadelphia.

By the time he had become a project architect in that firm he had finished his education at Drexel University. He quickly passed the state exam needed for a license to practice architecture.

I had been planning to open my own design firm, simultaneously with starting a construction company. That led to a number of rewarding years accomplishing design/build residential and commercial projects. However…

Over the winter of 1979-1980, the US economy was collapsing. Interest rates topped over 20%. One after another, Phil’s clients called to cancel their spring construction projects. His two companies could not sustain the downturn.

Phil experienced how major transitions in life don’t always happen as the result of planning…

After helping 16 employees all find new jobs, Phil closed the two businesses. He and Becky moved to Atlanta, where Phil joined a large firm as a project architect overseeing international work.

The US economy was at a virtual standstill in the early 1980’s. However, construction in Saudi Arabia was booming. Phil led a team of forty architects and engineers through the master planning and design of three large communities intended to house 30,000 people each.

After 4-1/2 years traveling to Saudi Arabia, a local Atlanta firm that was expanding its commercial design practice recruited Phil to become a vice president and the head of a design studio.

Five years later I had been practicing architecture for 18 years. They were good years…and successful years. But, I had gotten frustrated accomplishing design work without the hands-on experience of actually building our designs.

Phil transitioned into real estate development…

Phil was offered a job as the Director of Development working for a former architectural client. The next 18 years really seemed to fly.

Developing real estate and consulting were everything Phil hoped they would be. It was a creative process, and it proved to be a natural extension of his architectural work…“The music was still in the details!”

I discovered the challenges of getting buildings built was exhilarating. Creativity is constantly needed as inevitable complications arise. It drew on everything I had learned the previous 18 years.

Phil offers for-profit and not-for-profit businesses the benefit of 36 years experience by helping them with their construction needs. He is…

…an experienced architect, developer, consultant, advocate, and strategist, as an…

…Owner’s Construction Representative!

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